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Casting4Heroes Project Healing Waters fly fishing for veteransCasting4Heroes in a nonprofit organization. All donations are for programs benefiting our heroes. Members do receive expense accounts nor pay.

Casting4Heroes is made up of fly fisherman and individuals, many of whom are  veterans, federal and state employees, who want to give back to those who have sacrificed for our freedoms. Casting4Heroes co-founder Robert Kerlin, an Army Veteran, started the organization to show fly fishing is more than just hobby. Fly fishing is a passion which often lends itself to healing the mind, body and spirit.  This year we have teamed with Project Healing Waters, a part 501(c)(3) organization, to aid in the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and veterans through fly fishing and tying education and outings. Through our passion, we hope to financially aid Project Healing Waters and other organizations that help our Heroes in their healing process.

Casting4Heroes team members do not receive compensation for their volunteer work, and Project Healing Waters services are free of charge to qualifying service men and women. Many of us know what our Heroes and their families are going through and promise to dedicate your donations to making their lives a little better.